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Nova Method, aka Freestyle Pilates, has evolved from Classical Pilates to its present state as researched, developed and created by Milla Nova.  As a trained gymnast, a former professional performer, licensed massage therapist and a physical rehabilitation specialist, Ms. Nova has always sought new ways to keep herself injury free.  She was introduced to the method of Joseph Pilates by her physical therapist who helped her overcome debilitating neck and back injuries - a result of an accident. An avid patron of Pilates training, Ms. Nova realized the importance of inner core strength and its transcendence into all other physical activities. With a strong PT background and many special rehabilitation cases under her belt, Ms. Nova became certified and began examining effects of the Pilates Method in depth.

While having a profound respect for the Method, Milla recognized its shortcomings. In her opinion, the traditional styles of teaching lacked a deeper understanding of human anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics. With years of rigorous training in gymnastics, ballet, anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, and many other pertinent disciplines, Ms. Nova began relentless experimentations with fusion Pilates combining elements of both East Coast and West Coast Pilates styles with her knowledge of post-traumatic rehabilitation, postural alignment of Alexander Technique, Bioenergetics, and breathing exercises of Tao and Qi Gong.  She named this Freestyle Pilates, an innovative style that further enhances traditional Pilates methods with strategic exercises for fitness, injury prevention and rehabilitation as based on the principle of tensegrity, or moving human body through space as one integral unit. Combined with Tao breathing and principles of biomechanics and kinesiology, these exercises help clients gain cognitive awareness of their body structure, its capabilities and strengths. As a result, very quickly clients begin to make educated choices when moving through space. Their core and overall strength, breath stabilization, coordination, and flexibility improve tremendously. 

Ms. Nova’s new concept is focused on form and vector work as well as the Universal Geometry embedded in the human body. It is a study of human body structure, joint mobility and muscle relations, physiology, and their interconnection. Nova Method focuses on integration of these findings in everyday life through a series of existing physical exercise techniques including, but not limited to Pilates, Yoga and Thai Chi. Facilitation of new neurological connections, aka the “mind-body connection,” lies at the core of this work.

Ms. Nova educates her clients about their body. She teaches them to think from the inside out. No mirrors are necessary. If the body feels connected, it will move with grace.

With over a decade of teaching clients and certifying new instructors Ms. Nova’s unique teaching approach has evolved into the groundbreaking practice it is today. In the years to follow the Nova Pilates Method will undoubtedly continue to flourish.

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