Nova Pilates, Inc. is a fitness company whose mission is to serve people and the planet in ways that enhance and promote health, peace and happiness. Its mission is also to expand the awareness of the interconnectedness of the Universe and all life. In order to fulfill this grand mission we, the staff of Nova Pilates, are dedicated to providing the highest quality fitness-related teachings, services, and products with mindful care, proficiency, and creative enthusiasm. The vision of our company is founded on the Universal philosophy of intrinsic goodness. We endeavor to treat all people and life with great respect and to act and communicate in ways that are life-enhancing and life-affirming in order to promote healthy and joyful living.

Nova Pilates actively supports the protection of the Earth. Our studios are dedicated to supporting energy efficiency wherever possible. Nova Pilates, Inc. recycles, utilizes full spectrum overhead lighting with motion sensor activation, purchases recycled, organic, and otherwise conscious products, and goes paperless whenever possible.

In addition, Nova Pilates strives to create products that are dedicated to the expansion of Light and beauty in the world. We seek to align with the flow of nature by striving to offer consciously created products to the world. We craft products that are high-quality and long-lasting. We always endeavor for excellence in all that we produce with the intention of increasing the light of Consciousness globally.

Finally, Nova Pilates, Inc. is working on creating a charitable organization promoting health and wellness. Our goal is to promote exercise and healthy lifestyle by bringing fitness to the places of work, local schools and community centers.

If you would like to donate your time, please, contact us.

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Eco-Socially Responsible Commitment
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