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Private Sessions

If you like to work out alone, schedule a private session. If you are a novice to Yoga, this would be a great time to learn this discipline at your own pace optimizing your time with an instructor.

If more advanced, it is a great opportunity to clean up your form and technique as well as focus on deeper abdominal connection and alignment.

It is your practice and your time. The instructor will closely watch your movements and, together, you can correct many habitual and post-injury postural limitations as well as have some fun.

Best of all, your Yoga program will be tailored to address your fitness level, goals, and any limitations or injuries you may have.


Duos are ideal for individuals who have broader, less specific goals and want an intense full body workout. Sharing a yoga session with someone can be a great way to spend quality time with a friend or family member. Learn a new discipline starting from scratch together with your spouse or your teenager. 

These sessions are also an excellent option if you are on a tighter budget, but still require close supervision of the instructor to tend to your goals. You will learn to modify your practice in leu of an old injury and address neurological re-patterning in a more efficient way.

Ask your teacher if you are ready for semi-private instruction.

* All appointments are scheduled at your convenience, based on availability.

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