What can I say? Milla has completely changed my life. I suffered from chronic lower back pain for 20 years. I had seen countless doctors, chiropractors, and massage therapists and had tried every therapy/treatment available (short of surgery), and nothing relieved the pain. I started seeing Milla about 3 years ago and my life hasn’t been the same since. Because of her knowledge in biomechanics, Milla was able to diagnose exactly what was wrong with me (the pain was actually being caused by tight hip flexor muscles). Today I am essentially pain free. If it ever does act up, I get in to see Milla right away and she works her magic. (She is always willing to do adjustments before or after sessions if something is particularly tight or painful.) Aside from the pain relief, I love what the twice weekly sessions have done to my body. My core is crazy strong and my body is leaner and tighter. I would never even consider going to anyone else and I honestly don’t know what I would do without her. Milla is simply THE BEST. I just wish I had met her earlier. I could have saved myself years and years of pain, frustration, and wasted time and money.    
Tara A., Los Angeles
I started seeing Milla about 8 years ago and I have been faithful ever since! Out of all the pilates teacher's i had tried she is the only one I have met who challenges me and varies every session. Her sessions seem to naturally just flow out of her. She is truly a gifted teacher. I too have experienced many an adjustment and felt tremendous relief afterwards. it is very rare to find a pilates teacher who understands the body mechanics like she does. Her knowledge, applied to every exercise while her steadfastness and diligence does not allow you to just go through the motions. Your body will thank you for after. Milla has kept my body lean, tight and strong over all these years. If you are looking to be challenged, there is no one better! I won't go to anyone else. She is definitely the best! I look forward to working with Milla for another couple decades all the way into my senior years. :-)    
Siri K., Beverly Hills
Milla Nova is the best pilates instructor I've ever been to!  Proper form and technique are a must when training with Milla, whether in a class or a private.  She cares every step of the way about a client doing a workout with the body in proper alignment.  I had no idea all my aches and pains were attributable to previous instructors who, even though certified, never taught me proper form.  Milla has trained with the best and it shows.  She expects a lot from her clients and gives much in return.  Her hands-on expertise and knowledge of body mechanics and function are priceless.  Thank you Milla!     
Diana F., Los Angeles
Seriously, you will not find a better instructor than Milla. I have been to many studios in Los Angeles from West Hollywood to Santa Monica and no one compares to Milla.  She thoroughly understands body mechanics and can see things most experts, including massage and physical therapists and chiropractors do not.  I simply won't go to anyone else. My core, back, arms, and legs are strong because of Milla. You are in very capable hands.    Jessica B, Santa Monica
Milla is unbelievable. You CAN NOT get a better pilates workout.  Her knowledge of physiology and body mechanics is impressive - helping me work through chronic lower back pain.  But even more so, she kicks your butt!  Great instructor!  No one else will do.    
Kristen E., Pacific Palisades
When I first went to see Milla, I suffered from serious back pain. Not only is my pain gone now, I am more flexible, stronger, and more balanced physically. Her workouts are not easy, but they're effective and produce results. I've been going to Pilates with Milla now for four years...she's a life saver!    
Jill T., Pacific Palisades
Training with Milla will change your body and ultimately change your life.  Her knowledge in anatomy and bio-mechanics is truly second to none.   She tailors each workout to the client's needs.  Milla's approach focuses on overall well being as well as physical results.  Never boring, always challenging, I look forward to my sessions with her, eager for my next one.  If you want to change, if you want the best, you go to Milla Nova.  It's really that simple.    
Colleen S., Los Angeles
Milla helped me through some chronic aches and pains that were caused by poor alignment.  Her precise technique keeps me strong and her wicked humor keeps me laughing!  My friends tell me I've grown 2 inches!    Carrie T, Santa Monica
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